Monday, 30 September 2013

I'm a BIG fan of Gardens

From a young age I've always been into my gardening and I know that is a little bit of a strange hobby for a growing boy but I really loved it. This passion for gardening seemed to carry on into my adult life and I currently work as a freelance landscaper which suits me absolutely perfectly. However it means for a few odd hours in the week I am left with totally nothing to do so I have decided to write this blog to continue my love for amazing gardens.

Background Info on My Gardening Career

For a number of years I was not self employed and worked for various landscaping companies as well as a number of gardening equipment companies including Timberwolf. Although I learned a lot at the various landscaping companies at the gardening equipment I truly honed my trade. They knew a lot of tips and tricks when it came to gardening and really helped me learn about the tools I was using and how to get the most out of them.

In this blog I intend to talk about the wondrous gardens of the world as well as gardens I have worked on. The idea is to discuss improvement or any suggestions to truly make a garden look fantastic and hopefully I can broach my clients with these new ideas and see what they think.
I look forward to hearing from you guys!